Schedule with baby

Evening, Day 1: Make plans to go to the grocery store the following day.

Day 2:

1:00 am: baby finally goes to sleep.

3:00 am: Baby wakes up crying. Change baby, making her cry hysterically. Feed baby.

3:45: Change baby. Try not to wake her up. Crap.  You woke her up. Feed her again.

4:45: Baby goes to sleep again. Try to burp her without waking her. Crap. She woke up. Jostle her around a bit and mumble something sleepy.

7:30: Feed crying baby. Repeat previous sequence every hour.

1:00 pm: Get up and shower and get really excited about getting out of the house. Realize how sad it is that grocery shopping should make you so excited. Get excited anyway.

1:30: feed crying baby. Play with baby for 5 minutes until she decides she’s hungry again. Feed crying baby. Pray that she sleeps so you can get out of the house.

3:30: Rejoice that baby is finally asleep and you can go out. Realize you have a sleep-deprivation hangover and fall asleep in your chair.

4:45: feed crying baby and realize the grocery co-op is closed and it’s too late to get stuff for today’s dinner anyway.

6:00: Eat frozen food for dinner again. Try shovelling food in your mouth left-handed while feeding the baby.

6:00-12:00: Feed and juggle baby.

Day 3: Repeat.

One Response to “Schedule with baby”

  1. Debbie S. Says:

    Hmmm. You fed the baby eight times and only changed her twice… I think I know why she’s crying so much…. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!! Babies like WESTERNS, not PBS!!!!

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