Life’s little hacks

I so often find myself putting up with small frustrations over and over. I’m a procrastinator, for one thing. Plus to be honest, with two kids there is so little time to do the things I really love that I sometimes resent taking care of small chores, even if they’d make my life easier. I wait, and wait, and just put up with tiny little irritations over and over until I finally do fix it and it is awesome and I smack my own head for waiting so long in the first place. All it ever ends up taking is ten minutes and a few screws.

Two screws here. In this particular case I waited three and a half years before figuring out a way to deal with the work shirts that came out of the dryer. If you hang them up right away they barely need any ironing (as opposed to my other method of just letting them sit crumpled in the dryer until you get around to dealing with the laundry 3 days later and then wishing the wrinkles away, ahem). I had found myself just heaping them over the dryer door, but heaping laundry on top of crumpled laundry does not a wrinkle-free finish make. Plus, it was messy-looking and then I couldn’t shut the door and usually they’d slide off onto the floor anyway, in a tangled pile the opposite of awesome.

But then I had an epiphany.

That there might be what is called in layman’s terms A Big Fat Duh. Really? It took me three and a half years to think of that? Well… yes. I’ve had a few other things on my mind.

In any case I think it looks like it fits there perfectly. I even painted it the same color I aim to maybe paint the laundry cabinets, some day. One more niggling little frustration, solved with just a few screws.

A few screws here. Thanks to a $3.00 sliding cafe curtain rod, my under-sink cabinet now seems to have twice as much space.

Curtain rod, S hooks made from some sturdy wire for hanging the brushes, and wooden clementine boxes for categorizing cleansers. There’s a third clementine box behind the soft scrub, holding the concentrates that get used the least. If I get time to make more S hooks and find a small, waterproof basket, I can even have hanging storage for my sponges.

Little screws, big impact. I mean, I’m getting stuff out of here all the time. I wonder how many wasted minutes I’ve actually spent rooting around in there for stuff I couldn’t see or reach? Fixed it.

And four screws here. Anyone else ever had to sort through a slippery stack of cookie sheets and pans and wire racks, cussing as they catch in each other and all come falling out on the floor in a sliding, clattering mess that wakes both kids from their naps at once?

Two of these wire hoops from Ikea. I’m not sure what they’re really for – towel bars, I think – but the moment I saw them I knew I needed them. And they’ve made my life so much easier. (As has deliberately stacking the smaller pans behind the bigger pans. That way they no longer “nest” and catch inside each other when I’m trying to pull them out. Brilliant.)

It’s the little things. (And there ain’t much smaller than a screw or two!)

2 Responses to “Life’s little hacks”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    That rod under the sink is a great idea.

  2. heidi Says:

    Wow, ingenious!
    And no, you are no procrastinator!

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