More soon, really!

I have a lot of pictures I want to post, but until Josh puts them on my computer – AHEM JOSH – you will have to make do with a list of milestones. At seven weeks, Sofía can:

– hold up her head almost all the time

– say “gggh”, “aah!”, and “leh!”

– focus on things that aren’t human faces, like picture books (so far, National Geographic and The Lorax) and toys

– entertain herself in her crib for a full 10 minutes, so mommy can shower without feeling too guilty

– stand up, supporting her whole weight, with our hands just around her belly for balance

– take a trip to the grocery store without crying (yes we finally made it!)

– sleep consecutive 3-hour stretches (sometimes)

– poop up to her bellybutton

– make eye contact and smile on purpose!

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