Ice rocks

Last week Sofía and I had an adventure with water balloons. We’d seen this a few weeks before:

and I’d pinned it to my “Ideas for the Kids” board on Pinterest and forgotten about it.

Well, during the cold snap (a high of 20 during the day!) we were bored and it was freezing outside, so we were cruising that board for ideas. Wait, we were bored because it was freezing outside… so what better craft to do than this one?

She filled the empty balloons with food coloring from all my different tubes, and then I spent a maddening half hour trying to fill the ornery, slippery little suckers without drenching myself in dye in the process.

I failed miserably at that last part. About half the balloons developed holes as they were filling and belched their dye-laden contents all over both of us. A notable few got full and slipped as I was knotting them, actually leaping from my hands and zipping around the bathroom in spew-powered fury. And we were laughing like crazy people.

It looked like we’d been murdering rainbows in there.

We left the balloons out on a cookie sheet overnight, and Sofía spent a fun half hour in the morning rubbing the frozen balloon rubber off them. She came back inside to warm up by the woodstove with hot cocoa. That was fun, too.

But these were the best part:

Oh, so pretty!

They only lasted a day or so, then the weather warmed up.

But we’re slated for another cold snap tomorrow – high of 32 – and we have plenty of water balloons left. So we’re set.

Next time I’ll just try to remember to put on a smock first. And gloves. Because it turns out, rainbows are really hard to get out from under your fingernails.

2 Responses to “Ice rocks”

  1. ohiofarmgirl Says:

    cutest idea EVER! wow!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Such a cool idea. They look awesome.

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