Why the big deal about *on-purpose* smiles

(as detailed in my previous entry).

Because up until last week, most of her “smiles” went something like this:

 my daughter and I did have a moment the other night. It was late. She was in my lap, well into one of her all-night screaming and pinky-sucking sessions, when, just for a minute, she quieted down. She looked up. Her eyes focused on me. And her mouth twisted, for whatever reason, into a shape that looked a lot like a smile to her daddy.

I took her in my arms, lifted her, and held her close, overcome with a feeling of warmth, happiness, and optimism. At this point, my daughter spit a large globule of milk onto my chest, mixed with a good measure of mucus for texture.

Every moment I have which could be used as the punchline for a Baby Blues cartoon, a little bit of my soul shrivels up and dies.

From Irony Central, a baby blog that shies not away from, as the author puts it, The Grossness of babies. Well worth a read, if you’ve a strong enough stomach!

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