2 months!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 8 weeks and we haven’t accidentally killed the baby yet. In fact, sometimes I even feel like I might be getting a tentative grip on this whole “parenthood” thing – this strange, fey state that previously only applied to other people.

I’m happy to report that, having finally cracked open my copy of “What to Expect the First Year” that Sofía’s already way off the charts in terms of development. WTE says that by 12 weeks “your child may be able to support some weight on her legs in a standing position.”

May? Ha! Sofía’s been rocking a full-weight stand from 5 weeks. Maybe she’ll be fortunate enough to avoid both her parent’s geekiness and actually inherit some talent for athletics from somewhere.

Of course, I’d really be more certain of her supposed athleticism if she could avoid suffocating herself in a self-imposed face-plant every time we lay her on her belly.

Other developments…

  • She can now say “A-gha” in addition to “Ah-goo”.
  • She’s gained a lot of weight: Most of her “3 month” onesies are getting to look like they won’t fit her for much longer. She has little Michelin Man rolls on her arms and thighs. She’s perhaps ready for size 2 diapers, though she won’t be getting them for a while because I just bought a jumbo pack of size 1. (Suffer.)
    We estimate she may be up to 14 pounds, but since we’re too cheap to buy an actual working bathroom scale, we’re basing that entirely on how close she is to outgrowing her size 1 diapers, plus how long daddy has to work at night to unknot mommy’s sore back. Upshot of all this: the nickname “Fat Baby” is starting to stick, for which I am sure she will thank us once she is in high school.
  • She seems to be getting on something like a schedule: for the past week she’s only gotten me up once each night, and in addition to this she’s taken a nap from 2-4 every day. It’s not a deep, quiet sleep or anything, but as long as I keep her cuddled in bed with me and put various bits of myself into her mouth to suck on every time she starts muttering, she stays sleepy, which is all I really need in order to drift off for another 15-minute exhaustion-based haze of parenting avoidance.
  • Yesterday she vomited about a quarter cup of goo in a neat arc entirely over my shoulder and onto the floor behind me. I appreciated this obvious concern for my personal appearance and cleanliness – the carpet probably didn’t, but it doesn’t get a vote. And we’ll get it steam cleaned soon. Really.
  • And oh yes, maybe even more important: she’s down to 8 diapers a day instead of 15. Much better for all concerned, though it does tend to lead to the production of the dreaded “Poo Bombs”. (How can you tell it’s a certifiable Bomb? When it’s so incredible that you have to call your spouse at work to share).

So all in all, we’re happy about entering the third month, in which it is rumored she will discover that she has hands.

One Response to “2 months!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    poo-bombs and projectile burps, sound familiar…
    glad you and she are getting down to a schedule of sorts in spite of the before last post…
    more pictures? would love to have a new picture for the Rogues’ Gallery…

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