Moar closet

The closet is nearly finished!

Holes have been drilled for all the coathooks and various knobs, to facilitate placement once painting makes drawing lines everywhere a bad idea. Seams are caulked, holes & knots are puttied. All that’s left is the painting – and after that, the hinges & finally the door removal.

Of course, before painting there must first be copious sanding of all the wood filler, then re-puttying, then re-sanding… and don’t forget all the priming, and sanding, and repriming (at least two coats on the plywood)… And then we have to attach all the hinges. I hate doing hinges. I never get them right the first time… or even the third.

Jason, YOU do the hinges. Those tipout boxes were your idea.

Oy vey. Did I say it was almost finished? I should have said, the building part is almost finished.

One Response to “Moar closet”

  1. heidi Says:

    such a great job!

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