She is her mother’s daughter

Today was the baby’s first experience with solid adult food – chocolate. (Would I treat her to anything less? Please.) Josh had made me some brownies, which I was gleefully eating in front of her making mmmmMMM noises. Sofía stared at me with an intent and slightly confused expression, and then as I lifted gooey goodness to my mouth for the umpteenth time she let loose with what must have been a string of baby cuss words. (I’m pretty sure I heard “WOMAN! Why youz taunting me?!”)

Well okay. I know a chocolate craving when I see one. And after all, I want to teach her to share.

So I liberated a teeny tiny crumb of brownie for her and placed it on the tip of her little tongue. Her first reaction was definitely a classic WTF?! expression. Then her tongue started flapping around and her little jaws got in on the action. She was working that brownie crumb for all it was worth. A couple times she pushed it out, and I had to shove the gross little slimy thing back in. I think nearly all of it ended up smeared on her face, but somehow she managed to swallow it.

She stared at me for a couple seconds, and then opened her mouth as wide as it could possibly go. When I laughed at her, she made helpful and instructive “Ah! Ah!” noises and drooled a little. I think she was actually trying to crawl towards me using just the frantic the motion of her jaws. I pretended I had more brownie in my fingers and waved them above her head, and she followed them back and forth like a ravenous, insistent little bird.

This was so hilarious that I had to call daddy in and repeat the whole performance.

Daddy thought maybe she was just excited by a new flavor; mommy said she knew a fellow chocaholic when one tried to suck off her fingers. Daddy attempted to prove his point by placing his beer-wet finger on Sofía’s still-begging tongue.

Needless to say, this flavor was not met with quite the same response. Mommy wins.

(Though doubtless this victory will prove shallow when she’s old enough that I actually have to share the brownies with her).

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    too bad you didn’t catch it on video…

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