Groundhogs git!

A fence! My kingdom has a fence!

Well-braced, beautifully stretched and impervious to groundhog teeth.

It’s only 3′ high, but it’s bent out 1′ on the bottom to keep groundhogs from digging. We rented a trencher to dig the fence down, but the ground all along the fence line is a literal swamp, and we just kept sinking in mud and the sides caved in – it was a disaster. So this will have to do for now, and we will lay logs on top of the skirt to keep the ‘hogs from just shoving under there. Hopefully.

I remembered to put down weed blocker too, so hopefully we won’t have fenceline weeding problems… at least for a while.

This is one of those projects that would not be possible for a single gal on her own. Josh was the brains and the brawn on this project. Did you see how straight that fence was? He stretched it all by himself. I wore the baby and tied the fence to the posts with wire, and he did all the rest… Him, his amazing knowledge of knots, pulleys, doohickeys and other voodoo, and his engineering know-how.

Look what he invented and build himself just this morning for this task:

A one-man fence-puller-tensioner-thing. Perfectly engineered to fit our particular wire spacing, made up from stuff we already had lying around in the basement. The man’s a genius. (I wish he’d gotten a closeup of some of the fantastic rope arrangements he had going on too: he called it “block and tackle” but it seemed more complicated than that to me. Looked like spaghetti, worked like magic.)

Just look how well his invention did its job. That fence is pretty darn well-tensioned, especially when you consider that we had no truck or tractor to pull it with!

I love me some straight garden fence.

So as soon as I make four big ole gates –groan more work groan– this here garden ought to be impervious to groundhogs and chickens alike. As long as, ya know, our groundhogs are your fairly run-of-the-mill lazy groundhogs, and not some of the super-diggers and climbers I’ve heard stories about (in which case we’ll be going electric. Or learning to shoot).

Then I can get around to stringing straight wires across the top half in 6″ increments, to make a visual barrier that will hopefully keep the deer out. Hopefully. I also have to find some way of allowing access to the local feral cats, who keep the mouse and vole population down…

Well. After three years of no fence at all, maybe first I’ll take a few days to just sit back and admire it just the way it is.

And maybe tonight I’ll dream of the possibility of finally getting to taste a single home-grown green bean this summer.

Thank you for all your hard work, sweetheart.

2 Responses to “Groundhogs git!”

  1. ohiofarmgirl Says:

    super DUPER!!! voodoo engineering always works! yay Josh!!!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I was so proud of him. Welcome to the world of farm-rigging, lol!

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