First gate!

We are now 1/4 protected against groundhogs and marauding chickens.

I love, love, love this gate. Because it is the main gate, I fancified it with an arch using a tutorial I found over at Casa Decrepit a long time ago. I figured, with the number of times I walk through there per day, it should make me happy. Plus, it’s the view from our bedroom window, so it better be pretty. It also swings like a dream; though it’s 8 feet tall and weighs about 50 pounds, Sofía can open and close it with one hand.

A wooden arch is easy to make. You put your board flat on the ground, attach a pen to a long piece of string (the radius of the circle), and tack the string down several feet away (the focus of the circle). When you have the string taut, the tip of your pen should scribe an arc from one bottom corner of the board to the other. If not, adjust the radius by moving the focus point nearer or farther. When it’s perfect, draw your line. Then cut along this arc with a jigsaw and transpose the two pieces top to bottom. Bam, it’s gorgeous! Now glue and screw and you’re done.

Come on in! Pick yourself a daffodil or two.

I want to write “Summersweet” or “Welcome” across the top in some sort of flowing script; but I’d have to stand on a ladder the whole time so the idea is somewhat daunting. Maybe I’ll try to get the other three gates up first, m’kay?

2 Responses to “First gate!”

  1. debbie Says:

    Make yourself a stencil. Then all you have to do is stay up on the ladder long enough to tape it and then spray paint it. Viola!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I had been thinking something along those lines… if I ever get around to it! 😀

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