First crush

I’ve been remiss! I just realized I never posted about our winemaking endeavor; and it was begun in January. One would think I didn’t like wine that much! (One would be wrong.)

It’s not wine from our own grapes, alas. Those, I can barely get to stay alive, much less produce fruit. This was a kit Josh bought me for last Mother’s Day … yeah, I’m all about timely projects.

It’s a zinfandel-merlot blend, my favorite, and it all went swimmingly. (Except the part where I attempted to move the heavy 6 gallon pail via wagon and the whole thing tipped, spraying the walls and floor with sticky purple syrup. That part sucked.) The part that sucked less? Getting over 30 bottles for about $2.60 each. Oh yeah.

We bottled in March, and we were supposed to wait three months before tasting. We’ve already gone through two bottles though; it’s not bad just the way it is!

It could be better – there was one part where the directions weren’t clear and I ended up adding 2-3 quarts of water to it (I mean seriously, if you’re going to write “top up carboy with water to within 2 inches of top” on your directions, shouldn’t you specify which size carboy I’m supposed to use??) So that water, disappointingly, made the wine a lot lighter-bodied than I like. But it is perfectly quaffable, has a good, respectable flavor profile, and its lighter feel will be great for summer.

Names! I held a names contest on Facebook, first prize being a free bottle. I’m stuck, though… I just can’t decide between “Little Red Hen” and “Mother’s Little Helper.” Preferences? Thoughts, anybody?

Hopefully I’ll be posting my label design and name choice in not too long now… despite spring planting and fencing and wedding dress making and a new chair refurbishment project! Oh how I love being busy.

2 Responses to “First crush”

  1. Rose Says:

    Of the two names you mention, I vote for Little Red Hen.

    However, I think Two Hands Wine is an excellent play on the idea of having a drink in each hand (and ties beautifully to your blog name of course).

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Ooh! Now I like that name too! MOAR INDECISION!!! 😀

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