Three beds full

Both of the girls graced me with two hour naps this afternoon, and I got so much done in the garden!

I spread 12 wheelbarrows – 72 cubic feet – of compost on top of the first three newly-tilled beds. I’m using it as mulch, to plant through, because it’s still fairly rough. That’s just fine; my soil test told me there’s plenty of organic matter in my soil already, and I’m thinking this stuff ought to do a pretty fair job at weed suppression. Later when the plants get bigger I’ll chop up some leaves and use those too, if I have time.

I even got most of the cool-weather seedlings planted just before it started to sprinkle – it’s supposed to rain heavily all day tomorrow and I’d really wanted to get these things in the ground. I planted 12 celery, cauliflower, cabbage, a whole flat of leeks, and another half packet of spinach (about 24 square feet). Though we’re already 2 weeks past our last frost date – a month at least beyond when I should have planted them! – the weather has been so cool (in the 50’s and 40’s) that I think they might still have time to grow before the real heat arrives.

I’ve got an arborist coming by this afternoon, looking to dump some free mulch; I plan to fill in those pathways with that. As it decomposes it’ll provide nice moisture retention and become a habitat for tons of beneficial microflora & fungi. Plus raising the soil level a couple inches at a time… over the years it’s sure to add up, right?

Getting tasks crossed off the list is so liberating. I can’t wait for tonight’s rain to really arrive, watering in all those plants and the amendments I spread this weekend.

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