Best mother’s day ever

After a lovely morning involving GF pancakes and lots of sleep, Josh surprised me with a promising new book. Sofía gave me a beautiful painting she’d worked on, and a little book she wrote that said “my mommy is as smart as rain.” (No idea). Lilu gleefully ate the tissue wrapping paper.

Then I skeptically geared up to go see what the rainstorm had done to the garden.

This is 12 hours after the rain:

Even so, I managed to get my Mother’s Day wish of a day of uninterrupted garden work. I laid down a sort of gangplank of scavenged boards all the way from the mulch & compost piles to the places I wanted to lay new mulch paths – wherever I didn’t have a board, the wheelbarrow sank axle-deep in muck.

But I got a whole bunch done – I ran out of compost and mulch at about the same time I ran out of stamina. I was barrowing full loads back and forth for about 6 hours. And man am I ever sore today.

Sofía had wanted to have a cookout for dinner on Saturday, but because of the rain we had postponed for Sunday. What a great idea that was: cheap, easy, fun, and no dishes!

Josh engineered us a fancy hot-dog-skewer. He was so proud of himself that he appointed himself Head Chef and did all our marshmallows with great precision and aplomb.

Strong enough for five dogs at once, long enough that he could sit down to do it. Brilliant.

Lilu refused to touch the marshmallows – so Josh gave her a chocolate cookie.

Then we got to wash all our clothes and the mei tai and the baby too.

And I figured out a gluten-free smore.

(Really it was way too sweet for me, but still a decadent idea!)

And after we put the kids to bed I got to relax with my new book in a piping hot bath.

It was truly the best Mother’s Day yet – I hope we make a tradition out of it! My heart is full, my garden is beautiful, my muscles are well-used. Thank you to my family for making it possible.

2 Responses to “Best mother’s day ever”

  1. Erin Says:

    Well of course your as smart as rain! When I asked her what she meant she said that the rain makes all the plants on the earth grow:):grin:

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Aw, wow!!! I didn’t get the explanation. :) So sweet!

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