Late spring might be my favorite season in the garden. Everything swells with life, eagerly burgeoning with promise, as yet unravaged by bugs and disease. The weeds are under control, the weather is nice enough to go out every day.


For the first time, Negronne figs. It was transplanted this year from the pool bed (and narrowly missed being thrown out altogether). I’m amazed that it’s producing.

Strawberries; tart, but plentiful.

Gala apples.

So far, the holistic sprays recommended by The Holistic Orchard by Phillips really seem to be working. The only problem we’ve had has been aphids. The black molds came later in the year for us last time around, so their true efficacy remains to be seen.

Every “quick trip” out to the farm area turns into ten or fifteen minutes of me just inspecting and gazing adoringly at my plants. I am somewhat smitten.

One Response to “Promise”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Everything looks beautiful! Hope the bugs, varmints and disease are kept at bay.

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