It’s not just the fruit trees that are doing well in the garden. Everything has really started to take off. We’ve already had a couple salads with homegrown arugula and two meals of spinach. I wish I’d paid more attention to planting lettuce and spinach in the spring, but I tend to overlook them in favor of the more showy greens.

My rhubarb, in its first year:

Rainbow Chard and half of the Red Russian kale, looking happy, almost big enough for their first harvest:

Beets (probably high time to thin them out):

Rugosa roses:

And my cucumbers, which were struggling at first (see the white around the bottom leaf edges, might have been transplant shock) seem to have found their stride:

Most of my seeds seem to be having trouble germinating though; probably because, funds depleted from this Spring’s fencing, I am making do with old seeds, some as old as 2009. Not a single corn in the 100 square feet I planted has germinated; oh well, I have to go to the farm store tomorrow and plan to remedy that right away.

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