Onion blossoms

I’ve been wanting to try ramps for the longest time; they’ve been the culinary rage for a couple years now but I haven’t managed to find them anywhere (and it’s not like we get a lot of opportunities to eat in nice restaurants).

A couple days ago I found the next best thing, a cross between garlic scapes and ramps: onion blossom stalks. I was trimming them off to help the onion bulbs grow bigger when SofĂ­a asked if we could eat them.

Uh… sure! I guess so…?

Knowing it’s possible to cook garlic scapes, I improvised. I chopped them into sections and tossed them with a healthy dose of olive oil, kosher salt and a splash of balsamic vinegar. I seared them in a hot pan and then covered them with a lid to steam them at the last minute. Today, though, it was grilling time.

Tender, juicy, and soooooo tasty! From waste to wonderful.

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