Small Hive Beetle returns

Even after taking care to clean all my equipment, I still have small hive beetle this year.

Those are their larvae, that I uncovered below the pollen patty. SHB thrives on protein. I squashed all of these and dropped the patty in some diatomaceous earth; that should take care of the larvae.

I don’t know if these overwintered or if an adult flew into the colony and lay eggs. I do know that I already have my oil and DE traps set up, so any larvae that do mature should not be able to make it outside to pupate and return. If they do, they will fall into the trough of DE and they should die.

I also know that a strong colony can withstand SHB.

Looks like we have a very good queen here, so the population should be able to stay strong.

Just look at all those eggs & bee babies!

I had scraped clean an entire second deep brood box to add on top. I had baked all ten frames at 250 for an hour in order to kill any lingering SHB eggs. (The melted beeswax made my house smell fantastic too.)

However, while there were at least four frames full of brood, there were a couple frames that hadn’t yet been fully drawn out yet. I don’t want to add too much more space and spread the bee population so thin that they have trouble controlling the SH beetles. Instead, I’ll wait another week or two and put on a shallow (half-sized) box instead if it seems warranted. Since I’ll be feeding them all summer they still have plenty of time to build up winter honey stores.

3 Responses to “Small Hive Beetle returns”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So glad they look good. Do the beetle larvae bother the bees? I mean you found them inside the hive, but you state that they have to go away and in the process of leaving they will die. Please explain.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    The larvae leave the hive to pupate in the soil. They return to the hive as adult beetles. If I can kill the larvae going out, I can greatly reduce the adult beetle damage. Can’t do anything about beetles coming in from other places, unfortunately, but anything that cuts down on beetle numbers at all is worth doing in my book.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Somehow my post was wiped out. I am glad your hives look healthy. But what happens to the larvae? Do they bother the bees in the hive or just as they leave and presumably come back. Please explain.

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