Family times

My parents have sponsored a trip to the West Coast in order for them to spend some time with their rapidly-aging granddaughter – yay! Sofía needs some things before being thrust into the cold winds of the Pacific, though: like, say, a hoodie sweater. (Maybe the one I bought material and pattern for a month ago? Oh yeah…) And since she’ll be sleeping in bed with me, she’ll need a sleep sack that fits so she can lie on top of the covers between me and the wall. More than just three long-sleeve shirts and pants would be good. And since we’ll have to go places in the car and will need the carseat, a carseat bag would be awfully handy for lugging that thing through the airport and not letting it get too banged up during transit. And don’t forget the mei-tai carrier I made that still needs to be finished – I bought 2″ buckles so that I won’t have to tie it anymore. I think that’ll be pretty much essential to airport convenience. So that’s like, oh, twenty projects?

And I have two weeks.

Enter my current crush: a Bernina sewing machine.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m fighting so hard against just going out and assuaging this lust for buttery, dependable, durable home sewing technology. I’ve had my current $50 machine for about 7 years and its limitations are really starting to get irritating; not to mention that with it, my projects will never look professionally done even if I actually learn to sew well (a reliably straight seam is probably necessary for that, you see). Keep in mind that I’m planning on doing a heck of a lot more sewing now. Berninas can last forever, and are often investments handed down from mother to daughter. They make sewing a joy instead of an irritation. And besides I’m only looking at bottom-of-the-line models. But still.

We went to G-Street Fabrics today and spent two hours test-driving the machines. I had read all of the reviews obsessively – because that is how I am – and yet was not quite sold. In the back of my mind I keep thinking, “But I have a sewing machine already, and it works okay.”

Down, down, voice of conscience! Except… I don’t need it in the purest sense of the word need, in the same way as I don’t really need a new laptop (even though this one, the one I’ve been working on for 5 years, doesn’t recognize the existence of its own battery, has most of the letters worn off the keyboard, doesn’t know how to upgrade stuff anymore, and is ….slow….as…molasses. It still works. I won’t be able to justify replacing it until it dies the complete and final meltdown of computer seppuku and I cry big smoke-induced tears lamenting all the stuff I failed to get off it and backup beforehand.)

I am going to get it. Maybe after I go see my parents. Maybe tomorrow. But – because this is the way I seem to work in the face of large quantities of moolah – I will most likely keep putting it off until my greed demon just can’t take it anymore and I drive like a maniac to G-Street to stand wailing outside their doors at 6 am and then rush home so that I can crouch greedily over my new purchase like a little crafty Gollum, breathing deeply of the plastic and styrofoam in the attempt to drown my guilt in a fume-induced delirium.

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