The perfect excuse to spend more money

I went to the mall on Monday with a good friend. It was lovely, but being on my feet for five hours is more exhausting than I remember. (Of course the last time I went to the mall I didn’t have a 15-pound baby strapped to me.) Sofía really loves to be carried around, which is not a good thing when mommy’s arms are full of packages. She was pretty good in the stroller at first, but after the first hour or so she fussed until I picked her up and carried her in the mei-tai. The stroller maintained its usefulness as a shopping cart.

Sofía. Loves. The Mall.

She has never been so alert and so happy for so long, especially before 6pm. She stared at all the lights, gazed at all the different people everywhere, the glittering beads and vibrant colors. She was delighted with all the hubbub. She was awake and watching everything around her nearly the entire time we were there – nearly five hours – with only a couple of five-minute naps. Then she got home, ate, and fell asleep for more than three hours.

See? The mall is the only way to get her to go to sleep before two in the morning. I can only sigh and shoulder my burden of duty as a parent – to go shopping much more frequently. Woe is me.

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