Baby wearing

This is the mei-tai that I made after going to a baby-wearing class sponsored by the local La Leche League.

Lots of other moms brought lots of other baby-wearing (hands-free baby-porting) devices, and this was one of my favorites. I was surprised that the $250 Ergo-baby carrier that I had thought I’d love, and was excited to try on, was not very comfortable for front-wearing. I was also surprised that the Moby Wrap – a 7-yard length of fabric, wrapped around the body and tied a certain way – felt absolutely the best. Since getting in and out of the carrier relatively quickly was a must, though, that was out.

The mei-tai was very simple to make. I futzed together a combination of this pattern and this one, and crafted the whole thing in a single day with scraps from my fabric stash and borrowed batting from a friend.

Here is J, wearing it wrong.

Sofía didn’t seem to mind, though. She still looks cute.

She loves being in the carrier because she gets to look all around at whatever’s going on. When she falls asleep in it (as you can see in the first picture), I just tuck her little arms inside and she snuggles down. It’s easy to take her with us on outings because if she’s hungry all I have to do is loosen it a bit so she slides down some, and she can nurse and I can keep on walking. She’s in the carrier probably about 50% of the time at home, while I’m cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, sewing, whatever.

I just put a buckle on the waist strap a couple days ago, so I no longer have to mess with a tight knot every time I want to get her in and out of it. I think I may also make a really loooooong buttonhole in the back and thread one strap through the other where they cross over, so that I can lift them both over my head at the same time.

But other than that, this carrier is awesome and probably one of the most useful baby things we own. And it was (nearly) free! Yay for makerings!

2 Responses to “Baby wearing”

  1. gina at la Matriarch Says:

    Nice work! It’s really cute.

    I was watching Adoption Stories this morning and they were in Korea where these ladies balanced the baby on their back then wrap a real long blanket around and around their waist, securing the baby to their back. No shoulder straps at all. All I could think about is how the hell do they balance a baby on their back long enough to do that?

  2. Kori Says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog!!!

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