July garden

Look at all those flowers!

The garden just keeps getting better and better, and bigger and bigger. It’s pretty much just coasting along by itself at this point, pumping out the food and flowers and asking only that I weed it now and then (the weeds are growing and growing, too) …. I’m not so good at that last part, but hey. I’m enjoying the other stuff for sure.

The summer has been so nice – lovely and (relatively) cool, rarely getting above ninety – that it’s been a real pleasure to work outdoors when I can. We haven’t had too many mosquitoes, either, which is key! The cooler and cloudier weather means unfortunately that my tomatoes are only half the height they were last year; but to make up for it, my chard and kale are still going strong and churning out those good green leaves for salads and sides.

Now if only my youngest would start sleeping through the night, I would have enough energy to actually get out there more often instead of having to nap. Oh well. Naps are nice too.

It’s about time to start Fall crops: broccoli, beets, turnips, cauliflower, more cabbage, that kind of stuff. So soon, this deliciously lazy “rest and reap” period will be over.

It’s views like this that make me excited to start it all over again every year.

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