The other day I went to our small but very well-stocked library to get some cookbooks. I was very excited to find that they had all the Martha Stewart books there, even the housekeeping one (yes, I am enough of a homemaker nerd to be excited about things like this.) I had been pining over them for a while on Amazon, you see, but here they were for free!

The sun was shining. Sofía had let me sleep in late. Josh was hungry, and I was feeling a makery tingle that called for whipping together lemon-coconut cupcakes of some kind. I was delightedly leafing through the beautiful (but, I have decided, not as helpful as it could be) Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook when I came across this:

That’s right, someone crossed out the word “wedding” and wrote in “queerification”.

What sort of person feels the need to express this sort of petty hatefulness, and thinks it is okay to do it by anonymously defacing a library book? I felt like I’d been doused with cold water. My enjoyment of the book has been spoiled by knowing that it had been previously enjoyed by that type of person. What a way for narrow-minded meanness to ruin a beautiful Sunday morning.

At least I can save the next borrower from having the same experience.

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