Sad Palin Cake

Lookee what I made for Election Day:

Baked Alaska.

Served flambé.

In case you’re wondering what Baked Alaska is – and who wouldn’t, since it hasn’t been made since 1952 -  it’s two layers of soft, buttery yellow cake sandwiching an ice cream center. I used strawberry (a whole half gallon, mashed with a potato masher to soften it to spreadability) but the cake would have benefitted from something with a little bitterness to it, like coffee, to counter the sweetness. Because the whole thing is then swathed like three inches deep in sticky swiss meringue, frozen for a few hours, then baked in a 500F oven for three minutes, just long enough to crisp the tips.

Unfortunately the cake was less impressive than I had wanted it to be. First of all, it was served on top of a cupcake tray. See that, in the first picture? That’s what you get if your freezer is so full that you can’t make room for a whole baking sheet, no matter how you rearrange stuff, no matter if you even take out all the half-consumed containers of ice cream and store them temporarily in the fridge and then forget about them till the next day when they are soggy and leaking through their containers onto the fridge shelves in viscous puddles of sickly, sticky goo.

Second, my flambé was weak. I waited too long and the Grand Marinier all soaked in, and all I got was one tiny flame. Still. It was pretty funny to light Alaska on fire. And the meringue tasted like campfire marshmallows where it got toasted. And of course the Grand-Marinier-topped cake was also tasty. Come to think of it, next time I think I’ll souse the cake underneath as well, before applying meringue. Mmm.

So all in all? Win.

Now I gotta figure out something to do with like a million egg yolks. Preferably something savory, cuz man am I ever sick of sugar at this point,

One Response to “Sad Palin Cake”

  1. Alex Says:

    That is made of AWESOME.

    You rock.

    (And you could do a custard…they don’t have to be sweet…)

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