The Old is New Again

J and I recently cleared out our closets – okay I single-handedly reamed them out – and ended up giving away four construction-size-bags full of clothing to the Purple Heart. I kept four pieces of old clothing, though, snatching them from the bags at the last minute. I thought maybe I could make Taco some new outfits from them.

And lo, so far it has not gone the way of my million other projects and I have actually completed one:

That is the beautiful doll I got from the toy store, modelling the dress. Ha, you guys only think I have a daughter. Fooled you.

Seriously, though, that is some pretty baby action right there.

I forget I’m not supposed to brag. OK, we’ll pretend I put up that last picture so you can admire the decorative embroidery. And not so you could look at my baby. Or admire how cute she is. Or be all jealous of how awesome my genes are.

Look, her dress even matches her new socks.

Next out of the donation pile is a blue dress, on which I will struggle with pleats. Lots and lots of pleats.

One Response to “The Old is New Again”

  1. Lindsay M Says:

    That is beautiful! You did such a great job. Sofia is gorgeous!

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