Yet again, more things to do with 108 pounds of apples

Make 9 quart jars of apple pie filling.

I’ve never used apple pie filling from a jar before, so I have no idea how these will taste. I gave one jar to my friend K for testing – I’m too appled-out to do it myself. She has pledged to honestly evaluate texture (I am so afraid of the gooey apple suspension) and spice (I used the very best Vietnamese cinnamon and nutmeg, but do they overpower the apple flavor?).

If they pass muster, y’all know what you’re getting for Christmas. Heck, even if they don’t. I’m sure you can find something to do with a jar of sweet apple goo. -grin-

One Response to “Yet again, more things to do with 108 pounds of apples”

  1. Rose ;) Says:

    Mmmmmmm…I love what I am getting for Xmas!!! I know, being presumptuous! :) I am just kidding around because I wanted to tell you that I think the canned apple pie filling looks marvelous and I wish I had thought of that! My friend Erin did it too and it works very well for her, so I am confident that it will be awesome.

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