Forest fruit

While I was clearing out brush from around the garden – a task that needed to be done anyway, but that also gave me a lot of material for my latest hugelkultur bed – I came across what I think might be a wild blueberry. In fact, I found two.


because my phone camera is awesome, it is the only thing *not* in focus in the picture. Also: note swampy groundwater level in the background.

We do have wild blueberry bushes in our woods, spindly scraggly bushes taller than me. They fruit, if sparsely. Their berries are about the size of, hm, a generous lentil? A dried pea? But if you get the ripeness just right – which is hard to do when they’re so small – the intense blueberry flavor just hits you like a smack in the face. (But nicer, and better flavored.)

So I cleared the brush from around this little guy and his brother, and left them in peace. I hope I’m right about what they are, and I hope they produce better than their woodland kin with a little more sun. I can’t wait to compare their berries to that of the cultivated varieties I bought, and maybe bring them into the garden if they do well. I’ll be so disappointed if they turn out to be just another scraggly swamp weed!

I also found a fiddlehead, which Lilu thought was awesome and immediately tried to break into pieces, and then stomp to death. I know it’s just a bracken fern, and not edible – but it means that other, edible fiddlehead ferns might do well near that spot. Something cool to keep in mind for later, in another year when I haven’t already spent all our money on plants.


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