Spring is springing

This is the most exciting time of the year. I feel this surge of energy and optimism every time I go into the garden; every time I find something gently unfurling.


asian pear “shinseiki” buds peeping out… and an ant friend.

Because that’s really what Spring is, to me: optimism. The weather is perfect; everything is new and healthy, the pests haven’t marred anything yet. All around me the plants are loaded with flowers, each one a potential fruit. It just makes me so dang excited at the possibilities.


gala apple blossoms.

This year there might be peaches, if I try yet one more new approach to protecting them; this year we might get our first homemade strawberry rhubarb jam; we might get our first full dish of asparagus (if any make it out of the garden). This year two of my previously fallow apple trees have buds on them. Most of my cherry’s branches are loaded with flowers. The rhubarb looks beautiful, the peas are just perfect as they unfurl tender little whorls upwards. Earthworms are everywhere, and weeds are very few thanks to the deep mulch technique I used last year.


peach blossoms.

I look around and think what the soil was like before I got here; flat and dead. It took two years before I found my first earthworm; now I see several in each trowelful of dirt, and I feel so delighted that all my hard work has welcomed life back into the soil. Lizards are everywhere, some so tame you can almost touch them. We found a turtle shell too. And cliche of cliches, yesterday I saw two bluebirds. They are so pretty, almost lavender (and I could care less about birds in general. I am not a bird person. But bluebirds, I like. Plus they eat bugs & especially caterpillars, so I’m going to try to do more to attract them.)

I feel like now, just for a few days, maybe a couple weeks, the world is just bursting with bounty and possibility. Before the first reality check, before the first plague of pests, the first disappointment and frustration.

The only thing marring my joy is the rodent tunnels that I found everywhere today. I fear we have gophers. I know we have voles. I am gritting my teeth, wishing for snakes to hurry up and move in, and wondering whether the rodents and I can live side by side, or whether it will be war.  I dunno. Last year they ate half of every single sweet potato root. I’m so tempted to try poison, but I don’t want to risk killing my hunters.


garden helper helps as long as there are snacks.

We will just have to wait and see – at this point, everything is promise.




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