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Sitting atop a Freecyled countertop for weed suppression and stability on my soggy soils. Woo Freecycle.

I’ve joined our county’s beekeeper’s association in the hopes that older, wiser beekeepers can maybe help me keep my colonies alive more than two years running. I’ve already found out several valuable bits of information, including that bees are healthier in full sun. I had always thought they must be happier in dappled shade in these hot, humid summers, but I guess not.

So I’ve moved them into the garden, the only spot on the property that gets full sun, and they’re facing south so the morning light can wake them up earlier. Apparently that’s also important.

They’re in the duck yard next to the berry patch, the only place that’s sort of out of the way of constant wheelbarrowing; unfortunately it means they’re facing away from the garden so I can’t see the entrance activity (a good way to judge hive health and also just fun to watch). And while I know it’s not true, it seems like I must be sending them away from the garden. :( On the plus side, it means they’ll be behind a fence and away from Lilu’s curious little fingers.

I am so glad I decided to get bees this year. It’s like having an army of little workers on my side. All my stone fruit trees are in full bloom now, and I can’t wait to go out and see the activity on the blossoms tomorrow!



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