Reality check

There are days like the one a few days ago, where everything seems so full of hope and promise… and there are days like today.

– Where one of the guard bees seems to take particular issue with you and won’t stop menacing you, flying around you up at your face, until you go get your bee veil and jacket. Planting while in full cumbersome regalia is not fun. Neither is fearing a sting for no reason in your own garden because of one psycho bee.

– Where nearly every single plant hole you dig – I’m not even exaggerating – uncovers another rodent hole, gopher/vole/whatever. I’ve never had rodent holes in the garden before, and I’m no judge but finding multiple tunnels in every single bed in a 5,000sf garden looks like a damn bad infestation to me, and it means it’s just a matter of time before they start killing my fruit trees. And I don’t know what to do. I feel so angry – every year it’s a different damn pest I have to deal with. All I want is one good year where I don’t have to fight tooth and nail to keep what I’ve worked so hard for.

– Where you suddenly notice that one of your hens looks a bit off… and as you look closer, you notice that actually, she looks pretty sick, and might be egg bound, but she won’t let you catch her to find out.

– When you are finally discouraged enough to put everything away and come inside… and you find a tick perched on your shoulder. After contracting two extremely serious (and extremely rare) tick-borne illnesses at this property in the last 5 years, seeing a tick kind of gives me a panic attack. (and now my body will feel ticklish all over for hours).

The only thing that made it better was my sweet Josh, who had dinner nearly finished for me. So some things are all right. But gardening still sucks, and I hate Mother Nature. Forever, The End.

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