The best defense is a wet offense

Lately when Sofía has had enough of Mommy kissing her, she initiates a defense strategy that seems ineffectual even to her own tiny four-month-old brain – she opens her mouth as wide as it will go and with a yelled “grmphgphememgrmph” of smothered frustration she turns her face to mine and plants her big ole wet open mouth on whatever fleshy surface she can find in an effort, it seems, to devour what is bothering her.

Sometimes she licks my cheek a few times and pauses, mouth wide open, eye to eye with me, a look of supreme confusion on her face. Yes, little girl, resistance is futile. And Mommy thinks it’s funny when you lick her with frustration.

Maybe I’m  misinterpreting and it’s not an effort to devour after all. Maybe she’s merely trying to smother her opponent in drool.

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