Cooking tip – wilted greens

I recently needed a 1/4 pound of baby spinach, but the only spinach available was looking terribly sad. Not damaged or rotting, just… kind of old and droopy. I really needed it, though, so I took it home anyway. I got to thinking about how during the summer, because of the heat, the lettuce that I pick at the Patch is always super limp and unappetizing regardless of freshness. I discovered one day by accident – putting off a semi-prepared salad until the next day and hoping for the best – that soaking the leaves overnight in the fridge actually worked wonders and gave me beautifully perky and crisp leaves the next day.

So I thought I’d try the same thing on these spinach leaves, even though I thought they were most likely so old that they had already seen the last perk they would ever see. I took out my salad spinner and dropped them into the colander and filled the entire thing with cold water, then popped it into the fridge… and today I was rewarded with sweet, restored baby spinach. And it got well rinsed in its bath at the same time. Yay!

So try giving your sad salad a soak. No guarantees – but if it works, at least you make it happy before you eat it.

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