A taste of spring

We have strawberries, people! Boy, howdy do we have strawberries.

When I made the big terrace on Backfill Hill two years ago, I ran out of Freecycled landscape blocks and was left with a fair bit of steep hillside. I planted a whole bunch of strawberries on the slope just as soil retention, not really expecting to get anything out of them on such poor soil. I deep mulched them in woodchips just in case, and pretty much let them do whatever they wanted all last year, which was nothing. And they thrived! They did a fantastic job of holding the slope together, but we got pretty much zero fruit.

But this year they are loaded.



These guys taste like candy. There’s so many that the girls and me can’t keep up with them. The girls are actually getting tired of strawberries! And this is without any commercial fertilizers or amendments: just deep woodchips, a meager scattering of chicken compost back before I planted, maybe some azomite and kelp minerals if I remembered to hit that bed earlier this year (not sure I did).

And seeing as my rhubarb plant also suddenly decided to get its act together (that only took five freakin’ years)…



It was time for an intervention. That is two gallons of strawberries, picked in a single afternoon.

Strawberry rhubarb, maybe my favorite fruit combination, and entirely homegrown! I rarely get that much of a thrill out of eating homegrown stuff any more, but this is one of those goals I thought I’d never reach and I’m kind of giddy about it. Please pardon my bragging. :)



Six half-pints of strawberry rhubarb jam, ten of buttered strawberry… and I only used up half my pickin’s. I’m saving the other half for PIE.


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