Nautical baby shower

Sometimes it’s fun to take a little break from all the hard work and make a few things just for fun.


So I threw a little baby shower at my house. Since the mama loves the beach, I made it all about the ocean.


Sofía helped with the labels.





We learned that when Koolaid is in a blue package, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the powder is also blue. It’s, uh… the Red Sea?



If you look closely you can see the itty bitty flag we made atop the sail, that matched the ribbon I had adorning the cake stand, water cooler, and other things.


Peanut butter sand dollar cookies decorated with pine nuts, nestled in “sand” made of brown sugar.

The kids and I spent a couple days making garlands of starfish out of salt dough and rope:



I designed this for the mama to take home:




The favor bags of seashell candy and sugar sand were sealed with the same ocean-themed stamps on stickers that I had used to seal the invitation envelopes. Anchor, whale, sailboat, and:



I do love a good party.

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