My first homegrown cherries!



They were more or less underwhelming, sigh. I wonder if too much water can make fruit taste bland? (I hope not. Nothing I can do about that.) It was their first year, though, so we’ll give them a pass. I hope for a better (and bigger!) harvest next year. Anyone got any tips on tastier fruit?

I used a big tulle net over these guys. Right after petal fall, I bagged the whole branch with a bag about 4′ x 4′ of fine tulle. But the tree filled out that bag: by the time these cherries were ready for harvest, the branch tips were starting to get bent over as they grew. Still: zero predation from birds, nearly zero insect damage (ants got in, may have caused some brown spots). So definitely an experiment to repeat next year.

The flowers in the basket are cilantro flowers. My cilantro always seems to go to seed as soon as I plunk the little seedlings in the ground – I’ve never gotten enough to be able to freeze it in ice cubes like I do my basil and dill. But I just read that cilantro grown in place from seed is slower to bolt – so I’m letting most of this batch just go ahead and flower. Hey, it really is working great for my forest of volunteer dill!

Anyone who has ever tasted a bolted cilantro leaf, though, knows how awful, bitter, soapy, and resinous it tastes. But what’s a salsa-loving gal to do without cilantro? Apparently once it’s bolted you can use the flowers instead of the leaves. They are much milder than the bolted leaves… though still noticeably more astringent than a regular tender leaf. A little goes a loooooooong way.

See those flowers up there? That is too many. Doesn’t matter what you’re making. It’s too many. And I am a cilantro lover. I should have left some of these in place to harvest coriander seeds from later.

I’m crossing my fingers for some little cilantro seedlings here quick, before I have to buy too many more storebought bunches to fulfill my wicked salsa needs. And now Sofía’s hooked (as long as I don’t put in hot peppers, sigh). Hurry up, cilantro!

2 Responses to “Cherries”

  1. Sam Says:

    Not an expert, but I believe too much water is your cherries without much flavor culprit.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Dang it!! I think I have to agree… which sucks because there is no remedy. I guess the silver lining is… that I won’t care too much if the birds eat them all? :/

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