I just realized (this being the first time I check my blog in a while) that the entry on 12/22 is an entry I’d posted waaaaaay back when we were still living in our craptastic apartment. I’d been searching for that eggnog recipe (it was reaaaaally good by the way, but use half the rum called for), and for some reason (didn’t think it was supposed to do this) even though all I did was read the old entry, the blog software posted it as a new entry.

Grr! Confusion!

I am off to practice more tae kwon do kicks learned from ‘ron, do some more Baptiste yoga, and generally jump up and down in a frenetic manner until bedtime (it seems I have my energy back from the lethargy and doldrums of my seasonal death-cold! Yay!)

It’s really hard to believe that we fly back to Maryland tomorrow. It seems it was just yesterday that I worked my last day at work and contemplated the loooooong vacation stretching before me, replete with naptimes and cookies. I suppose that spending more than half of it in a plague-induced haze (one day I slept 17 hours!) made it fly by faster than it would have normally. -sigh- Back to work on Thursday! Already!

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