6 month milestones

It’s hard to believe that S is already 6 months – half a year! – old. When she was 6 months developed, I was starting to feel her kicks. She was reacting to my voice, and would calm down at night when I sang “You are my Sunshine” to her. I found out she was a girl. I saw her suck her thumb on ultrasound.

Now she is a solid tiny girl with feelings and moods all her own. She talks – all the time! – in a gobbledy-gook that seems like it’s just this far from being actual language. She stares into my eyes and snuggles against my neck, sucking her thumb, in a way she does with no one else.  She’s developing so fast, and has come so far from where she was when I last posted a milestones entry.

  • She can almost sit up by herself. She tends to fall to one side or another if you don’t keep a supportive hand on her, but she has pretty good balance overall.
  • She is nearly crawling. She pushes all the way up with her hands and looks around with glee and wiggles her legs behind her. Sometimes she pushes off stuff accidentally. She shows no conception of the fact that she could move if she wanted to, however – a session of “Come to Mommy!” elicited a big grin but no additional butt-wiggling.Maybe she just didn’t want to come to Mommy. Take that, Mommy. Ha. Making me try collard greens. That’ll show you!
  • I swear she might be about to say”Mama”. When she gets upset in the crib, she mumbles a lot and then it resolves into a string of mom mum mam mom ma ma mam syllables. I then scoop her up and lavish her with lots of “Mama’s here, it’s Mama, Mama, Mama”. Is it too much to hope that she soon associates the two?
  • Josh has launched a Daddy campaign in response. Sometimes we stand there holding her, me saying “Mama mama mama” and Josh repeating “Daddy daddy daddy”. She looks between us with big grins, clearly thinking “I have no idea what they’re saying, but don’t they look like idiots? What fun!”
  • She reaches for everything. Everything. She strains her little body to the utmost, fingers quivering, to try and grab at the raw chicken I’m slicing. She’ll throw herself backwards to reach for the medicine I just moved out of her grasp. She’ll move faster than lightning to grab the dirty diaper I just took off her and clutch it to her like a dear toy. A dear, slimy, stinky toy.
  • She puts everything in her mouth. She is the official Moistener in our household, and she takes her job very seriously. Nothing gets away from her clutches for long without being well and truly moistened, removed from the Moistening Orifice and examined, and then subjected to a thorough secondary moistening just to be sure. Luckily this means I no longer have to clean the lint from between her fingers at bathtime, as she’s already eaten it all.
  • She drools. A lot. Thank goodness for bibs. Pure genius.
  • She can laugh now. The first person to get her to crack up was Uncle Luke, who put a stuffed caterpillar on her head and threw it in the air. Over. And over. And over. She wouldn’t much laugh for me, though. Until we discovered that that was because we weren’t as funny as the plastic bag lining her diaper pail. It so much as crinkles, and she bursts out in gales of laughter. That’s right – her favorite toy is a plastic bag. Infants and plastic – what could go wrong?
  • She also seems to kind of think it’s funny when I make monkey noises and say “Ba-NA-na!!!”. But she only laughs a tiny bit and looks somewhere else, so I think she’s just trying to make me feel better for looking so dumb in public.
  • She weighs 15 1/2 pounds and is in the 43rd percentile for weight and height and head circumference.
  • She has enough hair to get bed head now.
  • She has decided that sleeping through the night is for 3-month-old sissies, and hasn’t done it since October. -sigh- She also never falls asleep until midnight. At least she tends to sleep till 9 or 10 in the morning.
  • In the car she mostly sleeps now, instead of mostly screaming.
  • She will cry when strangers hold her. This is terrible. It means I feel guilty asking friends to babysit. She was babysat for the first time the other night and screamed the whole time. And went on a hunger strike. She didn’t eat for six hours. Then she saw me and screamed some more, and did not sleep all night. I don’t think Mommy and Daddy will be going to many parties.
  • She has tasted lots of things, but cornbread is her favorite. Banana bread and guacamole are pretty good too. She even seemed to really like the collard greens, until the next day.

Well there are lots of other things she does, but in the interest of keeping this post to a two-page maximum (and not sounding TOO awful much like a crazed, stereotypical mommy-blogger), I probably ought to cut it off right about here.

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  1. Songspinr Says:

    more baby stuff–it’s so entertaining, especially since we can’t be with the real thing…

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