Cider #3

I finally finished the labels for my latest batch of cider. It’s about time, too – those cases of bottles have been sitting in the middle (literally) of my kitchen for just about a month now.

For some reason I just wasn’t inspired this time. I’ll usually have an idea for a name and label before I even press the apples, but this time I had to really push it to get something done. I wanted it to have something to do with brewing, and was considering a Halloweeny “Boil, boil, toil and trouble” kind of thing, but it’s not really October anymore, ya know?

So instead I kept the witch as a tacit element in the word “Charm” and the magic mirror. Didja get the Disney Snow White font, too? Yeah, I thought you might. Apples, charms, trying three times to murder your stepdaughter… all elements of a lovely autumn cider.

Now I wish I’d written “hand-pressed brew” underneath, instead of “cider”. Too bad – they’ve already been printed out on sheets and sheets of their special precious sticky paper. That’s what you get when you only take one day to make a label.

So it’s rather shoddy work (I’ve made a couple beautiful labels completely by hand that I’d love to show y’all some day) but at least these bottles will be outta here soon!

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