Done for now

The bathroom is as good as done – until I get my next DIY urge, that is. Just a couple paint touchups where I couldn’t be bothered to cover the wall while refinishing, and a bit of caulk around the cabinet, and presto-change-o, it’s a new bathroom.Which potential buyers will drop loads and loads of cash on. (OK I know they won’t, but perhaps their first thought when looking around may no longer be “My, this place sure is dated.”)




 It looks so nice, I can’t wait to do it in the kitchen too. It took me only five hours including baby breaks, ripping out and reinstalling moulding, cleaning the floor, etc. (Well ok, let’s not forget the 2 weeks+ I had spent refinishing the cabinet!)

I had said nothing to J except “I have a surprise for you,” when he called from work in the morning, and when he got home he was so impressed. And overjoyed that he didn’t have to live even longer with a half-finished bathroom.

I went with the light tile because lighter floors are less controversial. We can save the artistic statements for when we buy our lovely 1916 Craftsman bungalow! (sigh)

So if you are planning on installing vinyl tile any time soon, I’ve learned a couple tips I might share:

  • Use the paper backing peeled from an already-installed full-size tile to measure tiles to be cut. You can write directly on the paper and it’s already the size of the tiles you’re working with.
  • You can use scissors to cut curves, though it’s difficult. Once you’ve roughed out the shape that way, though, you can then use a box cutter to shave off curls of vinyl until you gradually get the perfect curve.
  •  When doing straight cuts, use a box cutter against a metal ruler (for straightness) and make perhaps three or four deep scores all the way across the tile. You can then bend the tile and it will break perfectly along the line, and you only have to use the box cutter to then slice the rest of the way through and cut the adhesive paper.
  • Dry fit, dry fit, dry fit.

Now if only I could find an affordable countertop that wasn’t from a 1970’s time warp, and a medicine cabinet/light combo that didn’t wear 1980 like a party hat, I’d be very very happy.

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