The Gooooooooo

Taco seems to be more and more interested in food these days. She’s set to cut her first tooth any day now (the Dr. says 7 months is average, and she’s nearly there), and really gets excited when we share with her at the table. There are only so many times that we eat pureed stuff for dinner, though, so on a whim Josh got her some organic baby foods from our local health food store. (Once she actually starts eating baby food regularly, I plan on making my own).

We’re not weaning her by any means, and this isn’t even a regular thing… but on those days that she needs a bath anyway, why not get her REALLY messy first?

She seems to enjoy playing with the food, smacking her lips, mushing it around in her mouth, talking through it and, yes, blowing raspberries through it (that was fun to clean off the carpet). Anyway, we find it hilarious. Then we pick her little slimy, squirmy body up with two fingers and drop her to soak in the bath for a while.

2 Responses to “The Gooooooooo”

  1. Songspinr Says:

    how about plastic-wrapping the carpet around the eating area–that’s what we had to do with you for a while in the highchair–cover the closest wall and wood floor with plastic…
    she sure has grown…

  2. Rose Says:

    Love the pics!

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