Money kind of does grow on trees

Each spring I’m taken aback by the prices that seed companies are charging for their seeds nowadays. I mean I’m pretty young, but I can still remember when seed packets were like $3 instead of $6-8, and had twice the number of seeds in them. I was really miffed this year when I dropped $8.50 on a packet of Thai basil seeds, only to open the packet and find a grand total of about 10 seeds in there.

Welp, I think I’ve got enough now.


I’m pretty bad about remembering to save seeds. It’s such an afterthought, the plants don’t even really look like plants any more… they look so sad and austere, it’s hard to remember that they hold a little golden harvest of their own.


But this year I remembered to gather at least a few. I got all the Thai and Italian basil seeds anyone could want; I remembered to save a bunch of butternut seeds from my most beautiful squash and a few (not nearly enough, I always meant to get more and never did) seeds from one absolutely gorgeous 2 pound Italian Heirloom tomato. I saved way too many marigold seeds, and packed a jar full of the tops of a mix of my favorite zinnia flowers (I’ll have to separate them and search to make sure I actually got seeds in there). Unfortunately the squirrels and birds had already saved all my sunflower seeds for me… in their bellies.

I even saved the top off this absolutely monster sweet potato I grew this year:


It’s growing in a little pot next to the kitchen sink. Next year I’ll have lots of slips any time I need them (they’re always so slow for me that I end up planting them too small and several weeks too late.)

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