Easy as apple pie

I saw a super cute pattern the last time I was fabric shopping that reminded me of my interest in making a “pillowcase dress” after reading this tutorial. And once I saw this fabric, I knew just the two-year-old to make one for.

Pillowcase dresses were once a frugal way to stretch old linen, but they’re great nowadays too because not only are they incredibly easy to make – I didn’t even have to crack  open the tutorial to figure it out – but once they get too short to wear as a dress, they can become a cute shirt if worn over pants or leggings. I loved that I needed no more measurements than the width of a pillowcase to start the pattern, and that it all came together so quickly.

I overcast all the seams to finish them, and made my own ribbons for the arm ties. Somehow, I ended up with twice as much material as necessary. I was thinking about making another, identical one and trying to sell it on Etsy, but I’ve never done that and I don’t think I’m brave enough to set up an online store. I’d feel pressured to make lots of them in different colors in order to justify the store. Though since this one only took about two hours, maybe that would be fine.

I’ll try to get a picture of it on the model herself when I deliver it sometime soon. I’m afraid it will be too big – to me it looks HUGE, but that’s because it would swallow Taco whole. We’ll see!

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  1. Rose Says:

    Super cute! And why not set up an Etsy store? I’ve done it before–not hard! Unfortunately, nothing sold, so we abandoned the venture…still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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