More mei-tai love


I have become a mei-tai evangelical.

What would I do without this carrier? It has changed my, and my baby’s, life for the better in so many ways. I’ve tried all the baby carriers out there, but none is so versatile (front or back), simple (no million little buckles to snap and cinch and then – as has happened to me, oh horrors – come unsnapped as you’re lifting the contraption up behind you to put it on), cheap ($15 materials) and ergonomic (no upper-back pull like the Bjorn, no one-shoulder fatigue like the slings).

Other good things about baby-wearing with the mei-tai? Because of it I am able to go about my day  doing normal tasks like shopping, cooking, and cleaning. My hands are free and at the same time my baby gets the constant closeness, cuddles, and eye contact she craves. She gets to look around at everything I do and learn a lot, and then go to sleep easily, cradled against her mama, whenever she needs to. I credit the mei-tai for most of her good-natured relative lack of grouchiness.

So all my pregnant friends – heads up. You know what you’re getting for your showers.

2 Responses to “More mei-tai love”

  1. Songspinr Says:

    soooo cute! sooo photogenic! so happy…

  2. Rose Says:

    You figured out the back-carry! WoooooHoooo! Now we can go for walks this spring while M chills in his stroller and S sleeps on your back. :)

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