The best milestone yet!

My tiny wonderbug is 8 months old next week, and her achievements are both laudable and prodigious.

  • She can sit up by herself for long stretches of time without propping, and she can almost get into the sitting position by herself.
  • She can get up on hands and knees and rock purposefully back and forth.
  • She can eat a whole can of baby food.
  • She can say “Da-da” almost whenever we ask, and “Mom-mom” every time she’s upset.
  • Today I saw her pulling up on the side of her crib – just a tad, but repeatedly – in order to better teethe on its top rim.
  • She can sometimes – just in the past three days – put her hands together in a semblance of clapping, and she sometimes does it together with a delighted squeal and a huge drooly grin when she sees me walk into the room.
  • She maintains a consistent level of moistness on the upper surface of her body and all surrounding objects.
  • She has enough hair to style into a little spike, if you use enough gel.
  • She can go underwater at swim lessons and doesn’t seem to mind.

And yet, in light of tonight’s development, all that gets from me is a big, fat meh.  (Well okay, except for the “mom-mom” and clapping parts).

So what’s the big deal? Just this – tonight I flopped a (clean of course) cloth diaper over her face to play peekaboo like we sometimes do, and … TA-DA! She pulled it back off. Over and over again, each time I covered her face.And while that may not seem like a huge deal, especially compared with the probable imminence of crawling, it is a HUGE deal to me because it means just this: no more deaths. Well okay obviously she is still at risk of all kinds of death, but in the interest of my sanity let’s just pretend that suffocation is the only thing I have to worry about, m’kay? Because before when I’d put something over her face she’d hold her breath and squirm, and that was the entirety of her self-defense mechanism. Maybe along with a kick or two. Now she can simply reach up and… pull it off.

(Now don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not trying to suffocate my own child. It was always something she could breathe through easily, and it was never on her face for longer than one second. And she always laughed and grinned and squealed like crazy when we’d whip it off and shout “Peekaboo!”)

What this means is that I no longer have to worry about her, on cold nights, pulling her extra blankets (light and breathable all, but still) up over her face and suffocating herself. Which means less getting up in the middle of the night to check and make sure she’s still breathing. I no longer have to worry about her pulling her quilts down on top of her own fool head and dying while I’m downstairs brewing a cup of tea. She can now play her blanket-toys while I leave the room to pee. Whoopee!

Anything that translates into less deaths is, in my book, the best milestone ever.

One Response to “The best milestone yet!”

  1. Songspinr Says:

    so glad you can breathe a sigh of relief now. Now she can enjoy more toys–stuffed, etc.
    look out, you’ll be deluged…

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