Tiny beefcakes

She’s been doing pushups for a while now (succeeding only in pushing herself slowly backwards along the floor and farther from the coveted object she was struggling to reach). But just in the past week she’s started pulling herself up to her knees on anything she can reach – the crib sides, the playpen sides, the legs of her high chair as she scoots backwards through them… I’m becoming more afraid that she’s  going to be one of those babies that just goes straight to walking – when I put her onto all fours and she gives me an as if! kind of look.

With all this relentless heavy duty exercise, what’s next on her list? The Baby Marine Corps?

One Response to “Tiny beefcakes”

  1. Rose Says:

    Sounds to me like she’s perfect! Or perfectly normal, however you want to view it. :) My son went from crawling to walking in 4 months, so he was really cruising and crawling simultaneously. Sounds like that’s what Fia (if I can call her that) is up to as well.

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