Spring cleaning

Spring is here! The daffodils are open, tulip buds are coming up, forsythias are wild with riotous yellow (they’re kind of like the burlesque petticoats of the flower world, I think), and little birds are flitting around everywhere. I’ve planted my potatoes, my beets and turnips are sprouting, and last year’s abandoned onions have gone and had babies all over the place (fine by me, I like onions).

That means it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

I already got the garden beds all spruced up back in early February – the only thing left to do is pull in a big pile o’ mulch and dress ’em up a bit. I have a small 4-room house and thus manage to keep it fairly tidy, so no huge need for special cleaning there. Instead I’ve had to turn more towards constructiony things to keep myself occupied.

We got the two windows in the bedroom replaced – one was broken, and then we had to match the other one – so while they had the shutters down I scrubbed and painted them. (As per usual, I didn’t get a “before” shot! I will get an “after” shot when they’re replaced on Monday). It was kind of funny because when I learned I could paint them I hauled Josh out on a half-hour tour of the neighborhood, looking at all the shutter colors in my neighborhood. I wanted something with more punch (they were a kind of neutral pale beige), and settled on getting a shade of dark grey-brown.

But of course I didn’t haul the shutters in with me to the store when I went to buy them, so I didn’t have a good color reference. I looked and looked through all the displays until I found what I thought was the perfect color. I got it home and began painting and…. it is EXACTLY the color they were before! I couldn’t have matched it better if I’d tried! So much for a little added punch to our curb appeal. -sigh- At least the shutters now look shiny and brand new. I was almost tempted to go back and get a different color, but I just couldn’t stomach half an hour in the car, half hour in the store, and another $15. At least we know it will match the house… and maybe they will look different in the sunlight.

While I was at Home Depot I couldn’t resist also getting new paint for our kind of scratched-up door. Bright, shiny merlot-like RED! I also bought a can of special polyurethane to go over the paint and give the color a kind of glassy, lustrous depth. I saw a door like it three years ago in Georgetown and have wanted to duplicate it ever since – let’s hope the guy behind the counter knew what he was talking about and this is the right product. This time I promise to take a “before” picture!

I also bought a couple colors we already have and mean to touch up all the walls and trim in the house. This means I will spend a lot of time on my hands and knees with a paint brush, swiping at microscopic stains on the wall, Taco on my back clinging like a baby koala.

And finally – new tiles for our kitchen floor! Yay! Just vinyl, but a pretty nice stone-look almost identical to the ones in our bathroom. There aren’t so many futzy angles and curves to cut as in the bathroom, so I’m hoping I can get them all done in a single day.

We finally built a little closet in Taco’s nursery (so that when we sell we can list the house as a 3-bedroom) and I have to prime and paint it next week.  Since the door is already similar to the color I painted on the other doors in the house I’m debating whether I could get away without painting it… but since it’s not hung yet there will never be an easier time. I suppose I should just not be lazy about it and go ahead and get that done, too.

I’ve sold some stuff on Craigslist to get our house decluttered a bit – so far, an armchair, an ottoman, and my EZ-up tent (I just can’t see myself needing it to do craft fairs again any time soon). Next on that particular list is to magically make room in our already over-stuffed, hyper-cluttered, sort-of-organized shed for two adult bicycles and their vertical stand. Then the living room will really feel clean and tidy.

And as soon as we completely decide we’re NOT going to sell our house this Spring (it could still happen), I plan to rip up all the carpet downstairs and replace it with some nice maple laminate from… you’ll never guess… IKEA. A friend of mine has had it in place in their house for four years and says it wears well (they have a huge dog and two cats, so they should know). I’m of two minds about the hard floors. The aesthetic part of me is very excited to see the ensuing gorgeousness, but then I’m also thinking about how Taco is learning to crawl and walk – I am afraid of bonked noses and chins. Besides, our vacuum sucks at hard floors so I will probably end up sweeping it every day instead of vacuuming once a week. I think I’ll probably do it anyway though, because a) J hates the carpet with a virulent detestation that quivers every fibre of his being, and b) I just like doing stuff like that and I’ve always wanted to try it.

So that’s my Spring Cleaning list.  Not exactly your typical laundry-on-the-line list, but I’m excited to see the changes.

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