Saving the polar bears

… by freezing our buns off.

Those of you who know me well, know that I do not suffer winter gladly. I cannot get through the cold, dank months of January, February, and that deceitful ghoul that is March weather without copious amounts of cocoa. I swathe the bed in layers up on layers of down bedding until our place of rest resembles a pastel marshmallow. (The cats love it). One of my four MUST-HAVES in the house we’re sort of half-assedly hunting for right now is a working fireplace. Or at least one that can be repaired. Or a woodburning stove. Or SOMETHING to burn other things in.

(My other three must-haves are: 1) at least four workable spaces with doors, three of which should be above ground, 2) either a basement OR a garage OR a big attic, but I am fed up with our complete lack of storage space here, and 3) at least a 1/3 of an acre of unwooded land. Preferably 1 full acre.)

So you can understand how much of a sacrifice it felt to me to consent to lower the programmable thermostat two degrees during the day and five degrees at night.  Our new uncomfortably chilly (ok, just to me) temperature? 68. (Yes, I know I’m a pansy).

Anyway, I had to put up with this for two whole months before the electricity bill caught up with us and I got to see the fruits of my labors. The results: We saved nearly 25%!  Which only amounts to a whopping $60, but hey. As I read in a recent Washington Post article, the point is not the money, the point is the polar bears! I just wish I didn’t have to freeze like them to help them. Brr.

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  1. David Says:

    Regarding your space needs, I’d like to introduce to you the wonderful world of shedworking, garden offices, and tiny houses:

    One of these days I will take saw, hammer, and nail in hand and build my own.

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