Well, I think it looks better, anyway

While the contractors were here installing new upstairs windows, I took advantage of the displaced shutters to clean and paint them. I then got kind of excited and went and painted most of our white trim, and bought a high-gloss wine red color for the door.

However, because I accidentally ended up buying exactly the same color of paint for the shutters, and then my plan to polyurethane the front door and give it a kind of glassy depth to the color was foiled by the fact that poly is oil-based and the paint was not (and besides the poly said to apply to bare wood), the front of our house has ended up, sadly, looking much the same.

House Front Before:After



Front Door Before:After


At least it all kind of looks cleaner now.

One Response to “Well, I think it looks better, anyway”

  1. Songspinr Says:

    i think it looks much more “of a piece” than before–happier.

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