Butter-bean bonnet

My little girl’s Easter outfit:

Awww. See the pintucks here, all down her front?

I love my Bernina. And my butter bean. So nice when the two can go together.

These little outfits are easy to make and so adorable (I’ve already made her another in a cherry-print-red-gingham combination) that when I took her to a party a lot of people suggested that I go around and try to sell them at little boutiques. I might do – though I’d hate to be left with a milion bonnets if it didn’t work out.

And how much would they go for? How much would you pay for them?

One Response to “Butter-bean bonnet”

  1. Neal Says:

    If you have the energy, I’d do it. I’m not sure how much I’d pay, but only because I don’t know what things like that are supposed to cost. But if I had a kid and some money, I’d pay a decent bit. :-)

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