Greenhouse, at last

Have I still never shown you the finished greenhouse? It’s been done since the beginning of March, for crying out loud.


It’s positioned purposely over the kitchen door and window. I can walk right out into my garden. And when it’s hot in there, as it gets every time we have a good period of sun, I crack the window and put in a fan to suck that free solar heat into our frigid house.


You can’t see it well, but the thermostat is pointing to 80 while it’s 40-something outside. Pretty cool.


Definitely not as beautiful as the glass-and-cedar glasshouse I had been pining over last year, but nearly as functional and 10% of the cost. I’ve got lots of stuff started in there already, while nothing is growing outside yet.

One of the most pleasing things I’ve found is that I have my flats of seedlings out there, warm and protected – in real natural sunlight instead of a fake fluorescent glow. Our electricity bill always goes up sharply during the months in which I’m starting seedlings – I mean of course it does, with 16 4-foot-long bulbs shining from dawn til midnight. But now I have to do nothing at all, and it’s wonderful.

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