Divide and conquer

I am a lazy gardener. I tend to do things pretty haphazardly, and stick to schedules loosely if at all. My garden went three years without mulch, for example. And last year my roses were lucky to get fertilized at all, let alone every month. My gardening philosophy is kind of “survival of the fittest.”

And yet I dearly love my plants. We’ve lived together for five years now, after all. They’re the things I yearned for during all my dank, cramped, cockroach-ridden apartment days. And now we might be moving, and they’ll be left behind. It makes me sad to think about them being suddenly neglected, or worst of all “lawned over”.

Besides that, they were pretty darn expensive.

There is something of a solution, however. True to all my previous gardening, I have been lazy about dividing. Ok not even lazy -  I simply haven’t done it in five years. Since my realtor says it doesn’t really matter much what the backyard looks like, as long as it’s neat, I’m doing some rapid (VERY rapid, as in two days worth of rapid) dividing and transplanting of all the overgrown perennials in the front and back. Things like my blackeyed susans, daylilies, asian lilies, bearded irises, hostas, lily of the valley, yarrow, crocosmia (montbretia) and monarda (bee balm).

Oh how I wish I could take my roses and clematis and dogwood and lilac with me. But I don’t want to risk transplanting them at this late date (I wouldn’t even TRY the lilac and dogwood) and besides, if we stay here I don’t want to be stuck with an empty yard. Or a crappy $5 wal-mart replacement rose that I would stick in to make it look like I hadn’t yanked out all the good stuff.

Thank goodness I have the huge community plot to stick these “extras” in for a year… along with a lovely friend who says she’ll happily babysit them for me. :)

Pictures as soon as I have them. For right now, I’m just happy to be running out of all those old plastic pots that I’ve been feeling guilty about hoarding for all these years.

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